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Your maternity experience is an exciting and extraordinary time. We provide attentive and personalized care throughout your pregnancy to ensure that your delivery is as comfortable and safe as possible. Our goal is to help you enjoy this incredible moment and focus on celebrating the new addition to your family.

You drive all decisions surrounding your labor, delivery and postpartum care. Our experienced and talented labor and delivery physicians are trained in a variety of birthing techniques, and they hold board certifications for Obstetrics & Gynecology and Family Medicine.

Prenatal care

We are with you every step of your pregnancy to help answer questions, monitor your progress, and offer childbirth education classes and birth center tours. Some of our prenatal services include:

  • Antibody screening.
  • Carrier screening.
  • Diabetes screening.
  • Fetal monitoring.
  • Morning sickness treatment.
  • Nutrition and food safety counseling.
  • Prenatal genetic testing.
  • Prenatal visits and routine prenatal care.
  • Ultrasounds.

Childbirth and lactation classes

We offer childbirth and lactation classes, where you have the opportunity to meet our staff and delivery teams and learn about the wide array of delivery services we provide. We provide instruction on exercises, breathing techniques and pain management options. Our classes are small, so you receive one-on-one attention and have plenty of opportunities to ask questions.


A safe delivery is our priority; we're there with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a customized birth experience. Whenever possible we keep you and your baby together from the moment of birth to the trip home.

We are proud of our Baby-Friendly USA designation, because it emphasizes the importance of skin-to-skin bonding during the first few minutes of life, encourages breastfeeding as the primary source of nutrition for the newborn, and focuses on 24-hour rooming together for you and your baby, while our care team continually monitor both of you.

We have a dedicated caesarean operating room in our Birthing Center, which increases safe outcomes and allows you to labor, deliver and recover in a single, private and family-friendly space dedicate to maternity care.

Postpartum care

We continue to support you after delivery, into your baby's infancy and childhood to help you stay on top of their progress, overall health and general wellness. Our postpartum services include:

  • Postpartum care.
  • Postpartum contraception.
  • Postpartum depression care.

Baby-friendly designation

In 2016 we received the prestigious recognition as a "Baby-Friendly Designated" birth facility. This award is given after completing a rigorous on-site survey and assessment. To learn more about Baby-Friendly USA, please visit