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Medical Staff Scholarship Awarded to UM’s John Edwards

Monday, September 19, 2022

The Bitterroot Health Medical Staff Scholarship is a one-time scholarship in the amount of $4,000, for Ravalli County high school graduates pursuing studies in the medical field. This award was established by Dr. John P. Moreland, an internist with Bitterroot Health Daly Hospital (formerly, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital).

This year’s scholarship has been given to John Edwards, a Stevensville High School graduate and current UM Skaggs School of Pharmacy student. Skaggs School of Pharmacy is the only Pharmacy School in Montana, offering a notoriously rigorous program with extensive and varied clinical and interprofessional experiences in and outside the classroom. Students are involved early in clinical practices and outreach across the state throughout their studies. Edwards is the Treasurer of Rho Chi Honors Society for the School of Pharmacy which involves fundraising efforts and free tutoring for students in the Pharmacy program.

“For me, getting this scholarship means that I can worry a little less about my loans and focus more on learning everything I can to become a great pharmacist,” Edwards said.

Edwards joined the Bitterroot Health Med Staff quarterly meeting at the end of August, to be honored for receiving the scholarship.

“We recognize that building a healthier community is more than just healthcare. It’s about finding multiple ways to keep our community healthy and thriving. Medical studies take a lot of time, dedication, financial commitment, and we’re honored to be able to support medical students like John with our scholarship,” said Dr. Weinberger, Chief Medical Officer, of Bitterroot Health.

Bitterroot Health and our Medical Staff congratulate John, and look forward to his bright future in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

“The fact that I am receiving this from my local community means a lot to me because it shows that they are reinvesting into their local population. I hope to graduate soon and become part of a local community that is like Hamilton,” said Edwards.