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Dialysis services coming soon

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

New Dialysis Center Coming to Hamilton, MT

HAMILTON, Montana (02/22/2023) – In an announcement made by Bitterroot Health CEO, John Bishop, the organization will soon be bringing outpatient dialysis services to the Bitterroot Valley. A partnership with Dialysis Clinic Incorporated (DCI), Community Medical Center, and Tigris Nephrology, will allow Bitterroot Health to provide a dedicated facility to patients at the Bitterroot Health campus in Hamilton.

“We have heard about the necessity for dialysis in Ravalli County for years; the need is very clear. We have been working diligently to bring these services to the valley and have found great partners to join us in making this a reality,” said Bishop.

According to recent Medicare data, there are dozens of Medicare patients in Ravalli County currently in need of Dialysis Services. “When compared with similar communities in Montana, the Bitterroot Valley is uniquely void of these services,” stated Bishop.

“This new state-of-the-art dialysis facility will be approximately 7,500 square feet with 12 comfortable, heated dialysis chairs to ensure patients have the best experience possible when dialyzing. Patient care is our top priority, and we look forward to welcoming and caring for the Bitterroot Valley.” said Tim Reedy, DCI Senior Operations Director.

Currently, Tigris Nephrology based out of Missoula, in partnership with Bitterroot Health offers clinic services on the main campus in Hamilton. While patients can be seen in office for consultations with a nephrologist, if they need dialysis treatment, they then travel to Missoula. Dialysis treatments are typically done three times a week, with each treatment taking 3-4 hours to perform.

“When you add the additional travel time and expense of driving to Missoula, this puts an extra burden on patients and their families,” said nephrologist, Dr. Shahid Chaudhary. “Dialysis is a life-saving treatment for advanced kidney disease, and those without adequate kidney function cannot survive without it. Bringing dialysis treatment to patients where they live promotes greater access to life-saving care.”

Bob Gomes, Community Medical Center CEO explained, “A few years ago, we partnered with DCI and Dr. Chaudhary to open a dialysis center in Missoula. That center has been very successful in caring for patients in and around Missoula. Over the years, we’ve noticed a significant number of dialysis patients coming to our center from Ravalli County. By partnering with Bitterroot Health, we will be able to bring vitally needed dialysis services to patients in the Bitterroot Valley, furthering our mission of making communities healthier®.”

Bishop, when asked about the need for dialysis in Ravalli County stated, “The mission of Bitterroot Health is to provide care for all. When someone’s life is already impacted by the need for dialysis, having it further disrupted by traveling to Missoula means we’re not fulfilling our mission. Bitterroot Health will bring this care closer to home. We’re looking forward to this partnership and offering this vital care to our community.”

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