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Employee benefits

For a small town, we offer big benefits, competitive salaries, paid vacation and time off. In order to take care of our community, we know we need happy, healthy employees, and we value a good work-life balance!

Employee benefits include

Medical. Our Medical Plan offers two coverage types: a Traditional Plan and a High Deductible Plan to all full- and part-time employees. Bitterroot Health contributes to the High Deductible plan for those electing that coverage. All other employees and those electing the Traditional plan can take advantage of a 40% discount if they choose to visit our physicians and facilities for their medical needs.

Pharmacy. We offer our employees and their family members a wholesale price on most prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

Vision and dental. Vision and Dental insurance is available to all full- and part-time employees. We have two dental plans (Low and a High cost plan), and we pay the premium for the Low plan for full-time employees.

Life insurance. Bitterroot Health provides life insurance coverage for all full-time employees. Full- and part-time employees may elect Life Insurance for themselves and family members at a reduced group rate, with guaranteed issue when elected as a new hire.

Reimbursement accounts. Employees may put aside pre-tax dollars for qualified medical, dental, vision and prescription expenses for themselves and qualified dependents by electing a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account. A Flexible Dependent Care account is also available for childcare, pre-school expenses or qualified adult care.

Short-term and long-term disability. Employees may elect the Short-Term Disability benefit to supplement their income when experiencing a medical absence. It pays up to two-thirds of an employee's salary for a total of 24 weeks. If the employee is still unable to return to work, Bitterroot Health purchases Long Term disability for full-time employees.

Long-term care insurance. After 10 years of employment, Bitterroot Health will pay for a long-term care policy. Employees can buy up for additional security and the benefit is transferable should an employee leave employment.

Paid time off. Full- and part-time employees will receive paid time off that incorporates vacation, holiday and sick leave into a single plan based on hours worked. A new full-time hourly employee will accrue up to 24 days based on an 80 hour pay period. Accrual rates increase with longevity. Contracted employees' paid time off is calculated within their contractual agreement. In addition, extended illness hours are also accrued for all full- and part-time employees. Accrued time may be used for FMLA qualifying events, surgeries, hospitalizations, and other approved illness requiring the employee to be off more than 24 work hours.

Retirement. All employees that have completed one year of service and 1,000 hours will be automatically enrolled at a 5% deferral rate in the Bitterroot Health 401k retirement plan. All employee contributions are automatically vested. Bitterroot Health provides two contributions to all eligible participants annually—Safe Harbor and Match. The Safe Harbor contribution is 3% of the employee eligible salary and is automatically vested. The Match is based on 50% of the employees elected deferral up to 3%. Match contributions are subject to a five year vesting schedule.